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The Legend of Phinnie

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The Legend of Phinnie is the pilot story of Phinnie, the Magic Dolphin. This is the children’s version of the story, illustrated by our very own illustrator Lucy Yiu, who is in residence in Hong Kong. This pilot story is the inspiration of the statue in Hong Kong, a landmark that can be viewed on the Tsing Ma Bridge on the way to the city from the Hong Kong International Airport.

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ABC and 1,2,3 and the Phinnie Magic Pen

Learn with Phinnie ABC and 1,2,3
In this children’s primer, Phinnie and his friends introduce the alphabet and numbers.

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Learn with Phinnie Level 1 Pre-school

In this series, the 20 adventures focus on basic phonics and sight words. With the help of his friends, Phinnie introduces basic sentence patterns of the English language to beginning learners. Children learn everyday language in the most natural way.

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Learn with Phinnie Level 2 Pre-school

In this series, the 20 new adventures expand on the basics taught in Level I to reinforce phonics, frequently used words, vocabulary and sentence patterns.

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Learn with Phinnie Level 3 Kindergarten

In this last series of Sight & Sound, there are 20 more challenging adventures that enhance language development with emphasis on the natural flow of the English language.

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Grow with Phinnie Stories

This series of stories and Readers’ Theatre scripts introduce young readers to the undersea world of Phinnie, the Magic Dolphin. Each delightful and heart-warming story concentrates on one of Phinnie’s friends and on one theme. Young readers can become actors as they perform Readers’ Theatre provided in each of the Grow with Phinnie book. The Grow with Phinnie books correspond to the 61 Learn with Phinnie Sight and Sound books, complete with cumulative and progressive lessons.

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Read with Phinnie published by Oxford University Press

These 50 stories written by Rosaline Lee Fung contain a rich and varied range of stories, fables, and legends as well as facts. They cater to children’s interests at different reading levels.